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All About our Materials

Each Diamonds of Eden ring is proudly designed, handcrafted and made in India. Before the ring reaches you, our team ensures that each ring meets our standards of gemstone and craftsmanship quality. 

Our Metals

Hallmarked 18KT Gold

We primarily work with hallmarked 18 Karat Gold. You will find 18K750 engraved on your rings, which signifies the purity of gold found in 18K Gold. 18K Gold is 75% pure gold mixed with 25% of other alloys including nickel, silver, copper, zinc. With 18K gold comes the beautiful appearance of a warm, vibrant gold color.

We also work with 14KT Gold for special requests and custom design orders.

Our Diamonds

Ethical, Handpicked & Certified

One of the hardest substances found on Earth, diamonds remain an eternal favourite. In each DOE ring, we hand pick our diamonds. We only seek the most shiny, white diamonds with the least number of inclusions. Hence, our diamond quality will always be GH VS-SI. These stones are the most lustrous yet the most affordable.

The larger solitaires you see are all certified by renowned third-party laboratories. We only work with GIA and IGI certified diamonds to ensure that you will be well assured that your diamond is as stated in the certificate and 100% authentic.

Our Gemstones

Natural & Authentic Gemstones

As with our diamonds, we carefully select the gemstones that go in each Diamonds of Eden ring. We only work with natural, lustrous and color-rich precious gemstones (no cheap, glass filled stones for us).

We only work with the three beautiful precious stones: emeralds, rubies and sapphires. We strive to responsibly source the best gems and hence deliver to you the best pricing.

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